Painting Bee Hives

This year we took the plunge and decided to try our hands at raising bees. I’ve always wanted fresh honey for my family because of its ability to dampen allergic reactions to seasonal allergies and because it just tastes so much better than store bought honey.  I was introduced to an amazing couple of experienced beekeepers through a mutual friend and they agreed to teach me about the art of apiary’s.


Hive before painting


4th grade painting a hive


a small stamp created this effect


Of course, if you know me at all you know that keeping bees in an opportunity for art. We decided to have my daughters 4th grade class paint one of the hives with an animal theme. They children loved using the bright colors to create scenes of birds, butterflies, giraffes, etc.

Another box was decorated with hand drawn and stamped black butterflies against a white background. The boxes were primed with outdoor paint and then decorated with acrylics. In order to protect the decorations from the elements each hive was lacquered with a clear sealant to make them waterproof.

Bees have a different visual spectrum than humans which help them identify pollen inside of flowers. The same visual spectrum is used to help bees identify one hive from another.


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